Mac- Numbers - Task List

How to Create the To-Do Lists Sheet in Numbers
To-Do Lists sheet from Project Tracker Spreadsheet in Numbers
Open the To-Do Lists sheet you created at the top of Numbers, then follow the steps below to create checkbox to-do lists for each of your different projects.
Click the A button to select the entire first column.
From the Format sidebar, go to the Cell tab and change the Data Format to Checkbox.
Click and drag to select columns C to E, then control-click and choose to Delete Selected Columns.
Hover the cursor over the right edge of the B column to reveal a resize tool and resize that column to 300 pt.
Double-click Table 1 and rename it to match a particular project.
Go to Edit > Duplicate Selection to create new to-do lists for each of your projects. Rearrange them by dragging the Circle in the top-left of each table.
Then fill out each line with a different task you need to complete for that project.

Users and Profiles : Windows

When it comes to Users and profiles you may wonder why is this so important. View the video below to see why!