Our Home Tech service allows our Tech Experts to be dispatched to your home.

We offer both home technical support, and technical installation of new devices.

Home Tech is currently available in Colorado. We are servicing Weld County, and nearby areas.

Take a look at some of our popular Home Tech services below.

Computer Setup

We are able to help set up your computer, install software, connect external devices, and make sure everything is working up to standards.

Computer Repair

We can repair your computer at your home. This includes data transfer, hardware replacement, virus removal, operation system install, and many more. If your computer is acting up, we will find a way to fix it

Device Training

Are you having trouble getting a hang of your new device? No worries, we can help with that! We have Technical Trainers, that can teach you how to use your new device. No matter how tech savy you are, we can help!


Our Battlestation service allows offices to be transformed to a dream office. Battlestations are made to fit with the needs of the office.

We are the experts at meeting clients visions, and expectations. Battlestations can be made for workstations, gaming rooms, music studios and more.

Our service can be used for existing hardware, or new hardware. We can custom build computers, to match the project vision.

We are all about customizing when it comes to our Battlestations. Let us help make your dreams come true.

Home Theater‍

When it comes to entertainment, many enjoy a way to optimize their experience.

Our Home Theater service allows clients to get a customized entertainment center.

We are able to customize Home Theaters to the needs of each client. We support all televisions, projectors, and surround sound systems.

We are experts in all Home Theater aspects, so we can truly enhance your entertainment room. That will surely impress any guest, you may have.


Smart home technology truly optimizes your home. It is made to make your home life easier, and more secured. Let us help make your home smarter!

We provide support for all smart home technology. This includes lighting, heating, power outlets, door bells, and security systems.

We can customize your smart home, to fit your needs. To make your home even more unique!


Home Tech

Prices listed show our popular services. Not seeing the service you are looking for? Feel free to contact us, and we will give you a quote.

Computer and Devices

Starting at $50
Virus Removal
Starting at $50
$50 Per Hour
Data Transfer
$50 Per Hour
Home Lessons
$40 Per Hour

Popular Services

Basic TV Setup
TV Mounting
Starting at $60
Home Theater Setup
$60 Per Hour
Smart Home Setup
$60 Per Hour
Network Configuration
$60 Per Hour

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