Work at Home: Application

Here at Amazing Technology we work alongside our partner to offer remote jobs for eligible applicants.

We offer in-house trainings to allow individuals to get the knowledge needed. So they can work comfortably from the home.

Please note most opportunities are part-time and this is contract work.

First and Last Name Phone Number E-mail What state are you in? Are you over the age of 18? Would you say you have a kind personality and are easy to approach? Are you fluent in English and Spanish? Do you have a computer? How would you rate your computer skiils? Have you worked at home before? What type of Internet do you have? Have you had a misdemeanor or felony in the past three years? Do you understand this is a contractor role, and you are not hired as an employee? Meaning you will not have any benefits and taxes will be up to you to file at the end the year. We offer multiple clients that have different pay rates. The pay rate range is around $13.65 - $17 Per hour. Select what pay range you are comfortable with. Are you comfortable with doing a 1-3 week remote course? Please note this is an education course for the job, and not a hourly paid training. Instead there is an education stipend up to $50 per week. Have you applied or worked for Amazing Technology before? Are you able to work at least 20 hours a week? (Hours are flexible and you can customize your schedule) Submit